Because we believe in Self Care…

Who we are

AMPLIPHAR is a reference company in the health care sector in Portugal, which focuses its activity on Personal Care – Self Care – through the commercialization and distribution of brands in pharmacies and health spaces throughout the country.

On the market since 2012, AMPLIPHAR was created by a team with vast experience in the pharmaceutical sector, who decided, with ambition and vision, to direct the acquired know-how to an innovating project which wagers on prevention and is committed to people’s health and well-being.

AMPLIPHAR prioritizes the Excellence, Innovation and Quality of its products, hence, its business partners are criteriously and carefully chosen, which in turn allows the company to gain the Points of Sales’ trust and consequently conquer the consumers’ satisfaction and acceptance.



At the very heart of AMPLIPHAR lies the importance of Personal Care as a form of prevention and added value for Health. Because it believes in Self Care, the company’s mission is to launch, in the pharmaceutical market, quality brands which add considerable value to this sector of activity.



Moved by the ambition of becoming a reference partner in the Self Care area in Portugal, AMPLIPHAR’s strategic vision is to become an ally to pharmacies and health spaces, through the development of added-value solutions and services. The company aims to become recognized by the Portuguese population as an active and responsible health agent which promotes society’s health and well-being and wagers strongly on prevention and, consequently, Self Care. 



From the start, The AMPLIPHAR team is founded on highly solid and cohesive human resources, motivated for the success of a common project.

AMPLIPHAR’s management is assured by an experienced, professional, dedicated, dynamic and highly qualified team. 

The team includes a diverse range of competences, to develop the best solutions – value-adding for suppliers, clients and consumers -, deeply rooted in a service of excellence and proximity with all its business partners.

The AMPLIPHAR team is moved by a common idea: We believe in Self Care.



At the heart of AMPLIPHAR are values such as Trust in the brands it represents, the team’s Competence and Character, the Proximity of its business partners, the Excellence and Innovation of the service provided and the Quality and Affordability of the products it implements in the Health market.


Message from Ampliphar’s General Manager


When we formally created AMPLIPHAR, late December 2011, we committed to Health.

Back then, a difficult economic environment affected the Country globally and the pharmaceutical sector especially. Although aware of that adversity, we decided to take a chance and take up the challenge to turn  AMPLIPHAR into an active and strong partner allied of all its clients, suppliers and consumers in general.

This is our mission, based on the excellence of the brands we represent and the guarantee of the quality of the products we launch in the market, which values the activity sector where we belong.

There is a sentence which could be inscribed in our matrix: “We mustn’t be afraid of new ideas. They can make the difference between triumph and failure.”

This is the identity which characterizes AMPLIPHAR, which will allow us to build and consolidate a presence we wish to become recognized and appreciated in this interesting and promising activity sector of the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Market.

We are in this challenge because We believe in Self Care!


Carlos Oliveira

AMPLIPHAR’s General Manager