ANGELINI and AMPLIPHAR establish partnership


In sequence to an agreement established with Angelini Farmacêutica Lda., AMPLIPHAR-PRODUTOS FARMACÊUTICOS LDA. is now responsible for the promotion and distribution of the following brands:

Moment 200 (Ibuprofeno 200mg);

Momendol (naproxeno 200mg); 

MOMEN GEL (benzydamine 3%);

Momendol gel (naproxen).

These four nonprescription medicines have analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions and are indicated in the treatment and relief of pain.

Tantum Protect, lozenges with soothing action, is indicated for hoarseness and sore throat.

Pepsa-lax rich in plant fibre, treats constipation, regulating and improving intestinal transit. Pepsa-lax is a nonprescription medicine.

With this partnership, Ampliphar now includes in its portfolio five more brands of undeniable worth and potential.
Among the products commercialized by Ampliphar, own brands Win-Fit® and All-in-Fit® as well as the represented brands REN, officina, 30 days, ERPECALM, Hemoclin, AF24 and PoxClin are noteworthy.


Competition WIN-FIT® IMUNO (winners list)

Know the winners list of the WIN-FIT® IMUNO competition, which was held in our site between January 24th and April 15th 2013:

António Resende (Lisboa)
Tiago Artilheiro (Golegã)
Carla Santos (S. Domingos de Rana)
Paulo Rego (S. Domingos de Rana)
Célia Amador (Santo António da Charneca)
João Silva (Comeira)
Telma Alheiro (Canelas)
Lívia Gabriel (Lourinhã)
Maria Silva (Lourinhã)
Bruna Faria (Ponta Delgada)

If you are a winner, congratulations! You will receive the pack of WIN-FIT® IMUNO within a few days, at the address you indicated.



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15 February 2013

How does AF24 treat Athlete’s Foot?
AF24 lowers the PH-value of the skin to change the environment of the infected area to disable the fungus and block its growth.


13 February 2013

AF24 Probiotic Foot Powderó-probiótico-para-calçado.aspx


08 February 2013

AF24 Spray – quick and easy


04 February

AF24 Clic&Go – Gets right in there


28 January 2013

AF24 Spray – quick and easy


22 January 2013

Happy Tuesday :)
Problems with athlete’s foot?


18 January 2013

Good morning :) already in training!
Do you want to win 1 pack of AF24 Probiotic Foot Powder? Learn how, here:


28 December 2012

I leave you with a tip: AF24 Spray – Quick and easy. Relieves the symptoms of athlete’s foot. Innovating and hygiene system, for more extensive areas of the foot!
Learn all about it in


20 December 2012

In training :)
A tip: AF24 is a Probiotic Foot Powder. Learn all about it in


15 December 2012

It was a super fun morning, where I presented my new site, in the company of Merche Romero, Miguel Costa, Paulo Vintém, Sónia Brazão – Official Page and some children from the Ameixoeira House! Thank you everyone, for your presence, and thank you, AF24, for your support :) Have a nice weekend!

Mr. Carlos Oliveira Interview

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