30 days Cólon Limpo

Composition / 4 tablets

  600 mg

  Vitamin C

  120 mg  
  Citrus bioflavonoids      36 mg

Box with 60 tablets

How to take 30 days™ CÓLON LIMPO

2 to 4 tablets a day, as needed, before going to bed

Available in Pharmacies and Health Spaces


  • 30 daysTM CÓLON LIMPO is a Norwegian supplement with magnesium, vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids, which restore bowel function.


    The magnesium salts are acknowledged for their laxative effect, which makes them ideal for the daily maintenance of regular bowel movements. They act by “attracting” water to the bowel, improving the ability to drain completely. Magnesium also acts in the stomach, through the neutralization of the excess of hydrochloric acid, acting as an antacid.


    Stimulate gastric cleansing.

     VITAMIN C  

    Important for the protection of the intestinal mucosa.