Lemon / Lemon grass

Orange / Cardamom

Lime / Mint 

Eucalyptus / Menthol and white tea extract 

Mixed Berry


Tins of 45 g

Available in Pharmacies and Health Spaces




  • The Pulmoll brand was founded by the French Pharmacist Jacques Lafarge in 1946.

    Pulmoll’s original unique flavor is based on a combination of liquorice roots, menthol and honey.

    In 1956, the Pulmoll lozenges are launched in the German market and Pulmoll quickly became one of the most successful brands in Germany.

    Nowadays, the Pulmoll brand is distributed in over 30 countries and the range includes numerous varieties, most of them sugarless.



    • Soothing and refreshing properties

    • For different occasions: hoarseness, cough or throat irritation, people who want fresh breath, problems of dry mouth, smokers, diabetics

    • Without sugar

    • With STEVIA – natural sweetener, which replaces Aspartame and Acesulfam K

    • Premium packaging, recyclable

    • Contains isomalt, as a sugar replacer, thus contributing to maintaining tooth mineralization