Win-fit® osteo 


Bone Health

Oryza Sativa extract and Vitamin D



Rice extract 

(Oryza sativa L)

 400 mg 

Vitamin D

5 ug 


Box of 30 chewable tablets

1 tablet / day


Available in Pharmacies and Health Spaces


  • Win-Fit® osteoin chewable tablets, supplies phytate, obtained from wholegrain rice (Oryza sativa extract) and vitamin D.


    Win-Fit® osteo is an innovating and safe approach to bone health and prevention of osteoporosis.





    • Obtained from wholegrain rice (Oryza sativa extract)

    • Involved in the mechanisms of bone formation and reabsorption.

    • It is not produced in the body and it therefore has to be supplied through food or supplements.

    • Several studies showed that phytates inhibit bone mass loss, preventing fractures.

    • It was shown that low levels of phytates in the body are correlated with low bone densityand it is thus important to regulate phytate levels.


    Vitamina D


    Vitamin D contributes to maintaining normal bones and to the normal absorption and use of calcium and phosphorus.