SkinGain Saquetas 






Better hydrated skin

More elasticity

More firmness

Less wrinkles


Composition / 2 sticks

 Type I collagen   9566 mg  

 Type II collagen 

  574 mg
 Vitamin C     100mg


Box of 30 sticks

Available in Pharmacies and Health Spaces


  •  What is SKINGAIN and how does it work? 

    SKINGAIN is a supplement with 10.000 mg of type I and type II collagen and vitamin C, developed to delay the skin’s ageing process.

    Skin ageing depends on age and on various external factors such as sun exposure, tabaco and stress.

    With age, the skin loses its capability to produce collagen and elastin, important to maintain the skin firm and with elasticity.

    The skin becomes thinner and regenerates at a slower rate.

    The skin’s capability to retain water decreases and there is loss of volume, with the subsequent appearing of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.


     How to take SKINGAIN?  

    1 to 2 sticks / day. Place the content of the stick in a glass, add 150 to 200 ml of water or another liquid you prefer and stir until the powder is fully dissolved.






    Increases the skin’s firmness and elasticity.

    Decreases wrinkles.


     Vitamin C  

    Vitamin C contributes to collagen formation