Ampliphar is a reference company in the Health area, which focuses its activity on the Self Care segment, selling and distributing brands in Pharmacies and Health Spaces throughout the country.

Founded in December 2011 by Carlos Oliveira, Mariana Azevedo and José Ribeiro, Ampliphar was born from the experience accumulated in the pharmaceutical sector by a Team that decided, with ambition and vision, to direct the knowledge acquired to a differentiating project, which is committed to people’s Health and Welfare.

Ampliphar is known for the quality and differentiation of its products, aimed at different stages of life, from childhood to old age.

With the message “We believe in Self Care”, we invite Consumers to adopt healthy practices, thus improving their quality of life.


By believing in Self Care, Ampliphar clearly defined the mission that brought it to the Portuguese pharmaceutical market, building a portfolio of brands that add considerable value to this sector of activity.

For this, it has a team of specialized professionals, committed and engaged in achieving the confidence of Customers and, consequently, the satisfaction and adherence of Consumers.


To be recognized as a credible player, for its constant and determined commitment to prevention via Self Care.

Principles and Values

Ampliphar's DNA includes Commitment to people's Health and Well-being. The Character and Team Work, the Quality and Innovation of the products and services implemented in the market certify what we do.

“When, at the end of December 2011, we celebrated the creation of Ampliphar, we assumed, from that date on, a commitment to Health. At that time, a difficult economic environment was affecting the country as a whole and particularly the pharmaceutical sector. Although aware of that adversity, we took up the challenge of making Ampliphar an active partner and a strong ally of Clients and Consumers. This goal of ours, based on the valence and quality of the brands we have been introducing in the market, ratifies our will in an exemplary way.”


— Carlos Oliveira